Thursday, 25 July 2013


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (:

I was having a major headache for the past few days. That kind of dizziness that I couldn't even walk straight. I couldn't even walk home from class without stopping to sit down once, twice. Or even thrice sometimes. Yup. That kind. 

So I went to the clinic. The doctor diagnosed me. Checked my BP. Everything was OKAY. Eh ? Then I asked him whats wrong with me. He said "I think you're having too much stress." 

Then he started to give me lecture on how bad my stress is. Or How I shouldn't, even, feel, stressful at all. Or the fact that I am having that "golden period" of my life (being 21 and all), I should be enjoying myself. 

Because what's coming in the near future is worse. Work. Family. 

Erm. . . . Scary. . . . 

Nahh. I don't think I'm depressed. I'm okay. Lack of sleep. Or too much sleep sometimes. But I don't think 'stress' is the problem. 

Then he said, "But your kind of stress is good, it makes you work harder." 

Hm, work harder. Let me think. . . 

Before he let me go, he said, "But at the end of the day, we Muslims are different. We have our God. He will take care of us. At least we are clinging to something REAL. We are praying to the God that can help us. We're going to be fine because we have our God."

Now that's a plus point for this doctor :) thumbs up ! 

But oh well. I am not, stressful at all. Yes, of course there are problems here and there but I don't think those problems caused my dizziness. Well whatever the reason is, the doctor was correct. I have Allah. Worrying, is something that you would do when you have nothing to put your hopes to. 

I have Allah. I have problems. And I'm still dizzy now. But I am not worried. Because I have Allah ;) 


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