Friday, 28 November 2014

How to handle your final year

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :) 

Alhamdulillahhh, finally done with one of the toughest week so far T_T Somebody should have warned me that final year is THIS tough ! Lecturers have tinggi melangit macam KLCC kind of expectation on us since we just came back from our internship. And seriously, final year is super, super tiring. But nevertheless, it is still a good semester so far. Had our first presentation today and alhamdulilah, it was good ;D  But hey, it's only week 6, I am not even halfway done. Pray for meee ! 

There are a few things that I have been doing to keep my chin up in the midst of all the pressure. It may not work on everyone but hey, you will need to survive your final year too ! :P 

1. Indulge in nature

Nature has always been a therapy for me. Be it a slow jog by the lake, or just taking photos of beautiful bright flowers my neighbour owns, I always find that nature's beauty brings a sense of calmness in me. Had a stressful day ? Look at the sky at 6.45 pm ! ;D 

My neighbour's flowerrr, isn't it a beautyyy :) 

2. Food therapy

I have a habit of forgetting to eat whenever I get too busy. Food therapy in my sense does not mean go-to-a-buffet-and-eat-all-you-want. I just think that after all the hard work, everyone deserves to eat something good ^_^ Sometimes I'll just go back home and cook my favourite food or drag my buddy to eat out somewhere nice. But anyhow, do not over eat yea ! :P 

No caption needed :P 

Mushroom goreng (almost my staple food, that's how much I love it !)

3. Study buddies

This is VERY important. Since final year is so tough, it really helps if you have friends taking the same course. And it becomes a lot lot helpful if you are in the same classes. Assignments and everything is going to be super difficult so having someone trustworthy in your group will help to avoid headache. Trust me.

Syarina and Mia, we are in the same classes for almost all subjects (nak muntah dah rasa :P)
And of course, my food therapy buddies too :P 

4. Spend time with kids

I'm lucky to have three niblings now, and luckier that they live nearby. But fret not, if you do not happen to have one, just go and spend time with a random kid in the park :P Spending time with them is a therapy too, because no matter how annoying they get, they are still cute. And annoying. And funny. And that makes me happy ^_^

But yea, too much of them may result to a more severe depression though :P 

Abang long the bam bam

5. Getaway

Sometimes when I got too stressed out, I would ask my buddies to take me away somewhere just to clear up my head for a while. When you have too many things in hand, a getaway works best, to take some time to ponder on your work and manage your priorities. I found this hard to do at home / in campus since all the work is in front of you and you would want to do everything right away ! So yea. Go away from your workplace, and THINK ! :)

Mira, Mia and me at Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam. A haven for the art lovers! ;D

6. Go back to Allah SWT 

I put this as my final point so that this will be the last thing you read from this blogpost and insyaAllah, the one that you will remember the most :) Sometimes we got to caught up with our worldly affairs that we tend to forget the real purpose of our existence. We tend to forget that we are just creations, and we are actually obliged to make our Creator happy with our deeds. We tend to forget that the prayer is a mean for us to gain some strength, not something burdensome for us to attend. That the Quran is a revelation, and the best medicine to cure our heart's disease. And depression, is, a heart's disease. We are human, and we always tend to forget. 

That is why, it is wrong for us to be too busy that we do not have time to perform our prayer with khusyuk. Too busy that we do not even have time to read up our Quran. That is just, so wrong. After all, we are here to serve Allah SWT. And after all, those are the strength that we need and have been looking for !

Some people have different ways of remembering Allah SWT. But the best part of all is that, you do not even need to find a way. He is there. Everywhere. And all the time. 

<3 <3 <3
So, talk to Him :)

There goes. May Allah SWT gives us strength to survive the final year, and our final days, insyaAllah ;) 

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